Why Partner with Pattersons?

Wide Range

Specifically designed for universities, our extensive range of Student Room Packs cover all the bases for student accommodation supplies. Our wide selection of Bedroom, Kitchen, and Arrival Packs range from basic to deluxe options, and include everything needed to make students feel at home. We also sell a variety of cleaning packs, alongside tailored packs for students arriving from overseas, such as the Weking Rice Cooker Pack. We assemble each pack onsite and deliver direct to our customers, which means each pack can be simply distributed amongst relevant dorms or rooms. This feature, alongside the diversity in our range and their competitive prices, ensures that our Student Room Packs are the easiest, cheapest, and most labour-efficient way to welcome new students to your student accommodation.

Excellent Delivery System

We understand that it is essential your students receive their packs on time as this is one of the first experiences they will have at university. Our packs can be ordered and delivered within 3 days and depending on your university rooms structure these can be delivered to the students room or reception. Working in partnership we aim to establish a date for delivery so we can collate all orders and deliver them in one drop saving your staff time receiving them. We try to keep these dates as close to the students arrival so that there is no storage issue with any university site. We pride ourselves in the exceptional service our drivers provide, and work hard to make sure customers across the nation feel safe in the knowledge that their goods will be delivered on time.

Access & Support

Our student website allows 24/7 ordering, and is specially designed to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and allow effortless ordering. Your students will be able to access our wide range of supplies and packs, all of which feature extensive product information and clear images, allowing them to make the right buying decision based on their budget and needs.

We also have a strong team of friendly and professional customer service staff who are always on hand to help with any questions or problems. Highly experienced and benefitting from regular product training, our team offers expert and unbiased advice to anyone who might require it. This emphasis on the customer is just one of the reasons why our loyal customer base continues to grow throughout the UK, and why so many Universities and students choose Pattersons.


Flexibility from a supplier is key, particularly in the student accommodation market. So while we feel that our extensive range of student packs cover a wide range of specific requirements within the accommodation sector, we also recognise that some universities have special requirements or certain restrictions of their own. This is why we also offer bespoke options with account managers on hand to help tailor solutions to match our customer’s needs.

To find out more email hello@asupplies.co.uk