Frequently Asked Questions


Ordering My Pack

Q: Can I buy more than one pack?

A: Each pack has been designed to cover an individual tenant’s needs. However if you’d like to purchase a pack for yourself

and on behalf of a friend or housemate then simply adjust the number of packs to suit your requirements.


Q: Can I change what’s in my pack?

A: Each pack has been designed to contain all your essentials and therefore we are unable to exchange individual items.


Q. Why can I only choose specific delivery dates?

A. The delivery dates available have been agreed with your university and coincide with their

designated moving times for each property. To find out more, we recommend contacting the University.


Q: I don’t start Uni for a few months, when should I order?

A: When ordering your pack you will have to specify when you would like your pack to be delivered. It is best to order as soon

as possible to ensure you don’t miss the cut off point.


Q. When is the cut off for delivery?

A. Order within 3 working days prior to the delivery date options to ensure we are able to deliver your pack in time. This is so

the accommodation staff have time to ensure the correct packs are assigned to the correct rooms.


Q: Can I order a pack after I arrive?

A: Yes after your official moving in date we can still deliver packs.


When My Pack Arrives

Q: What do I do if my pack has not arrived by the time I move in?

A: Don’t panic - we will do everything in our power to ensure your pack arrives on time. Send your order details along with

your full name, accommodation address and telephone number to We will then investigate your

order and contact you.


Q: What do I do if items are broken or missing from my pack when it arrives?

A: Email with your order number and details of missing/broken items. We will then investigate and

arrange replacement items.


Q: Will my pack be in my room or flat when I arrive?

A: Your pack will be delivered to your Uni accommodation before your moving date. Depending on your property and the arrangements with the staff onsite, your pack will be stored in your room or safely in reception ready for collection.


After Sales Care

Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my order before it is shipped?

A: Email with your order number stating you wish to cancel the order. Your money will be refunded

onto your credit card.


Q: Can I cancel and return my order after it has arrived at the property?

A: Yes but the order will be subject to a £15 collection fee and a restocking charge which is a percentage of the total order.

You will be informed how much when you request a collection. Email and we will inform you when the

pack can be collected and the cost to collect and restock.


Q: Can I change my order once I have placed it?

A: Yes simply email us at with your order number and details of what you need amending. We may

need to refund or charge, depending on the changes so please include a contact phone number so we can contact you.